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2018 Federal Poverty Level Charts
2018 Tax Reference Guide
2018 Tax Reform for Individuals and Families P5307
EITC Eligibility Checklist Pub 3524
IRS Business Use of Home Pub 587
IRS Earned Income Credit Pub 596
IRS Employer Tax Responsibilities Notice 931
IRS Employer Withholding Guide Pub15 (Circular E)
IRS Facts about The Premium Tax Credit Pub 5120
IRS How To Depreciate Property Pub 946
IRS How to Pay Your Taxes Pub 3611
IRS Innocent Spouse Pub 971
IRS Passive Activity Rules Pub 925
IRS Residential Rental Property Pub 527
IRS Tax Benefits for Education Pub 970
IRS Tax Calendars 2018 Pub 509
IRS Tax Calendars 2019 Pub 509
IRS Tax Guide for Small Business who file Sch C or C-EZ Pub 334
IRS Tax Payer Advocate Pub 1546ez
IRS Travel Entertainment Gift and Car Expenses Guide Pub 463
IRS Useful Numbers Bookmark Pub 1769

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